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in west virginia where today we could get more news as the rescue attempts start up again this morning. hi, john. >> reporter: good morning, kiran. it looks like they are a little ways away from the signing ceremony. >> we are expecting a press conference in the next 20 minutes here at the marsh fork element stare school. if things went as scheduled, four teams of eight rescuers should be in the mile a little more than an hour and a half. they have to get down five miles to where the miners are believed to be trapped. they have spent the last 18, almost 24 hours clearing the mine of toxic levels of methane. they have it down to a level where it is nonexplosive but not nondangerous. they hope to have some word if things can progreg and they don't run into unforeseen circumstances in the mine probably somewhere in the next couple of hours or so, we may know the fate of those four miners. it is such a tragedy that happened on monday afternoon, 25 lives taken. three of the lives were from the same family. last night, after a prayer vigil in a nearby town, i sat down with the mother, the aunt a
has pulled itself out of our west virginia mining association, for example, and the chamber of commerce is in the national mining association. so it's a rather lonely operation sometimes here. >> on the question of these violations, we spoke with the ceo of massey energy company, don blankenship, yesterday, and aired some of that this morning. he said the violations are up partially as a result of the miner act. you tighten the regulations, companies violate these violations because they find it difficult to get compliance. do you buy that argument? >> well, some companies fought the miner act implementation. others agreed to change it when necessary and they wanted to do what was necessary to improve the mine safety health underground. and because violations are up doesn't mean it's necessarily because somebody's after them. it means that you have to do a better job. and most responsible mine operators want to do a better job. they want to prevent accidents. they do not want to cut corners. they do not want to shortchange a miner's life in exchange for the bottom line profi
. >>> we start in west virginia where hope is fading but it is still there that rescue crews will be able to get back into the upper big branch mine and find four missing west virginia miners alive. the search teams got the all clear and made a mad bash back inside. yesterday they got within 500 feet but forced to turn back because of dangerous gas levels and fears of possibly another explosion. one of two injured miners who survived has been released by the hospital. the ap reports he's not talking to anyone this morning. give us a sense of how optimistic they are as they get set to go back into the mine and look for the four missing mine re rers. >> reporter: they are still hopeful. keep in mind we're at hour 6 since the fatal blast in naoma, west virginia. these men should have made it by this point to the long wall. section 22, this is this 2,000 foot stretch of wall deep inside this coal mine where the rescue teams believe three of the four missing miners are located and also where they've been honing in on this rescue chamber. as everyone been repeating, if there's any hope of survi
're stuck in the middle because of what's going on. it's been especially hard for one virginia couple stuck in amsterdam. they have four kids under the age of 9 years old and all at home waiting for mom and dad to get there. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a few days in europe to visit family is now going on two weeks. sadness, separation and a lot of internet skyping for the pattersons of midlothian. parents jen and steve are among millions stranded. >> our flight tomorrow is canceled because the stuff in the air is too dangerous. >> i'm dying to see you guys. this is the hardest thing mommy has ever done. you are the bravest kids in the world. i love you so much. i know that you're being so loved and taken care of there. >> reporter: a grandmother had been watching the children. >> mommy is making a funny face. can you make a funny face to mommy? >> reporter: now friends are pitching in. >> the kids run out today after your mom gets here and john will moe the grass. >> how is it looking? >> a little rough. >> reporter: even rougher for them, the anxiety of being apart. the family spe
. if we get details, we'll bring them to you. >>> west virginia joe manchin is calling for a moment of silence at 3:30 in memory of victims of the mine explosion. it will mark one week since the upper big branch mine. dangerous levels of toxic gas are still prevepting crews to recover the rest of the miners. >>> poland a nation in mourning this morning. thousands gathered in front of the presidential palace to pay final respects to the leaders killed in a plane crash. president kaczynski and his wife and 90 others were killed in the crash. they are now focused on pilot error as a possible cause. >>> phil mickelson wins his third green jacket. tiger woods finished fourth. it was ease the most emotional win. his wife amy and mom both battling breast cancer and both were there to cheer their man home. >> it was such an exciting masters as well. he almost eagled three times in a row in the round on saturday, i think it was. it was exciting golf. >> mickelson has a history of falling apart in the final moments. he kind of got over that when he won his first master's tournament. it was a
the border from mexico. >>> west virginia governor joe manchin ordering coal minors to halt production to honor the 29 miners killed earlier this month. the governor wants inspections to reexamine mines with the greatest risk of an explosion similar to the ones that killed miners at the upper big branch mine. >>> for troops fighting in afghanistan, we've been giving you an intimate look at the stresses of war and some of the deadliest regions of afghanistan. some the of the lighter moments too. here to talk about it, pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. good morning, good to see you back. >> it's good to be back. >> i'm sure it is. >> you spent a lot of time in helmand province and going to be moving into kandahar in the summertime. what struck you the most about your time there? >> to me it was sort of dedication of some of these marines. just the way in that they have really adopted the counter insurgency strategy. all of these problems at the big level with the karzai government and corruption and everything else, but they are very, very dedicated to what they are doing day to day
. alina cho went to virginia speaking with an adoptive family saying a russian orphanage misled them. >> it's because of that tennessee case they are speaking out. when they adopted their son roman from russia, he was just shy of 2 years old and seemingly healthy, or at least they say that's what they were told by the adoption agency that handled the case. it turns out roman is severely ill, even violent. they don't want to send roman back to russia, but they are suing the adoption agency, saying they were lied to and deceived. >> reporter: the harshaw home is quieter, roman, now 8, was cents away to an institution a little more than two weeks ago where he's getting help for his violent behalf yor. >> i felt like the worst mom in the world. how could i let my baby go there without us tucking him in? it was really hard and it still is. >> reporter: they adopted roman from russia six years ago. he arrived looking picture perfect. soon after he began acting out. >> he can be hugging you and telling you i love you one second, then the next second he is completely lost in a rage. >> repor
clinging to their guns, their religion and the constitution. >>> west virginia governor, joe manchin wants every underground coal mine to stop production tomorrow for one day so workers can review safety issues and honor the 29 members killed at the upper big branch mine this month. the governor's order calls for state inspectors to go back and re-examine mines that have been cited repeatedly for combustion risks. >>> oprah winfrey is arguably one of the most influential women in the world. she has reigned as the queen of daytime television, her magazine, "o" turns ten this year. what do we all really know about the media superstar? the next guest says that oprah is shackled by secrets and details it in an unauthorized way in a book. >> you tackle big, big personalities. oprah is one of the biggest personalities of our generation. >> i think the biggest. >> you didn't get a chance to talk to her, which is why they call it an unauthorized biography and many chose not to speak to you. you did 850 interviews and went more than 20 years of her own interviews. what is the most interesting and p
on the sidelines of the nuclear summit taking place in washington. >>> recovery crews in west virginia removed the last of the bodies from the upper big branch mine in west virginia. 29 men died last week in the worst mining zast they are country has seen in 40 years. federal investigators were waiting for all of the bodies to be recovered before heading underground to begin their investigation. >>> and coco moving to cable after months of speculation. conan o'brien returned to late night making that announcement that he'll be hosting a one-hour show monday through thursday, 11:00 p.m. on tbs. that is part of the time warner family. still unnamed conan show will debut in november. tbs says it has made no -- it would make no sense to launch it in september and then preem the show for four weeks because of major league baseball play-off coverage. >>> toyota's taking it on the chin again. consumer reports putting out an urgent warning to the car buying public, don't buy the 2010 model lexus gx 460 suv. the magazine says the luxury suv poses unacceptable safety risk. it's prone to skidding out whi
an independent investigation into what caused the deadly explosion at a west virginia coal mine. mcen tear ininvestigated the sago mine disaster. the bodies have been recovered from the upper big branch mine in montcoal, west virginia. >>> one officer suspended and more could be soon for the beating. very disappointed after seeing this video of the unprovoked attack. officers said initially the man attacked them during the maryland duke game last month. >> judge ordered a small county to stop segregating its schools, transferred hundreds of white students out of black schools while grouping african-american class mates in the same classrooms. >>> suspending sales of the lexus gs 460 vowing to get to the end of a safety problem. a high roll over risk making turns in the gx 460. asking lexus dealers to halt sales until the problem is identified and fixed. >>> midwest airlines name is going away, two are merging and flying under the frontier banner later this year. the cookies will be served on all flights. >>> on the eve of this year's tax deadline, another sign of the times. more americans
was leaving north carolina for west virginia yesterday. police say 23-year-old joseph mcveigh was impersonating a police officer. authorities stress that the president was never in any danger e has been charged with a misdemeanor. >>> two illinois state lawmakers want national guard to patrol the streets of chicago. violent crime, they say, is out of control. just last week, seven people were killed in one night. chicago's police superintendent says his officers don't need any help. >>> former front man and reality star, bret michaels, remains in critical condition this morning. he is in intensive care under 24-hour surveillance. he suffered from a brain hemorrhage according to his publicist e was rushed into the icu thursday after complaining o have a severe headache. he also had his appendix removed last week. >>> the british government is now apologizing to pope benedict after an embarrassing memo leaked from the foreign office. basically, the equivalent of our state department. >> the memo suggested that during the pope's visit in september to the u.k., that he launch
revolution program. he was in huntington, west virginia, trying to revolutionize the school lunch program. it was the most unhealthy city in america. let's look at a clip from his television show on that. >> when i started with mashed potato than the nuggets and the milk and all of those little things together, pisss me off. >> what do you want to see in the school lunches? what do you think would make the young people healthier and have them fit for military duty? >> we need healthy choices and need these whole grains and fruits and vegetables and increase the amount of money we spend daily on a child. right now it's $2.68 per meal. by adding money to the child nutrition act, we'll be able to increase the quality of the food that's served and push out the junk food and empty calories and result in a more healthy nation and reverse this trend. we've got 39 states now that report 40% or more of young men and women in the ages of 17 to 24 as overweight. >> that struck me when you talk about that. bottom line, 75% of young adults ages 17 to 24 according to the studies you conducted are not e
for anyone nervous about driving until they start repairs. >>> president obama heads to west virginia this weekend. he'll give the eulogy for the service for the coal miners killed at the upper big branch mine. the president has called for more oversight in mines across the country. >>> military officials say that two top al qaeda leaders were killed after joint u.s. and iraqi forced launched rockets on a safe house. >> sunday's mission is being called a major set back to al qaeda and major show of strength by iraqi military forces. barbara starr is live at the pentagon for what it means for the future of our troops in iraq. barbara, if iraqi forces are showing such promise as many military leaders in the united states have said, does that bode well for our getting out of iraq? >> reporter: well, with certainly seems to. good news for knows looking for a peaceful future for iraq. this mission killed two critical figures in the al qaeda and in . omar al baghdadi, he had been rumored to be killed so many times, people wondered if he existed. vice president joe biden came out at the whit
killed in west virginia's upper big branch mine says the mine's owner is offering each family a $3 million settlement. massey said accepting a deal would not bar families from taking legal action. it was the worst disaster in more than 40 years. >>> a state of emergency in louisiana, a 600 square mile oil slick has reportedly now reached the coast. so far robots working under water have not been able to stop the leak spewing crude into the go gulf each day. other strategies could take months to set into place. >>> it's hands on deck for the obama administration. >> the president is promising more military help and barbara starr is live at the pentagon for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some booming equipment already on the way there, some of the cleanup gear, but also there could be things showing up like c-130 aircraft to drop oil d disbursing chemicals and even the troops could go if it becomes the type of disaster expected. they may need troops to help clean it up. the bottom line is, this is now a signal that this is far beyond the scope of civilian agencies or th
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)